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Nutrition Careers pathfinder

Facilitated Self-Exploration. Actionable Career Options. Supported Planning. 
Reduce stress and confidently pursue a career path with purpose and intention.

You will spend half your life working. Make that time count.
Plan your career path, don’t just fall into it.


We know what it is like to wish you had taken a different fork in the road. While we learn from our experiences, some are harder to overcome. I’m on a mission to help people have a regret-free career.

We spend half of our lives working and invest lots of time and money in preparation and continuing education. No one wants to waste precious resources and look back and say “Why did I do that?” The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder will help you gain more clarity about yourself and your career path.  Its framework uses a unique process of self-exploration combined with career-exploration based on years of experience by educators and career development experts.

With the help of this 6-module, self-paced course, you will develop better personal and professional awareness and make an actionable plan.

Do you ever find yourself saying…


And here’s the truth….

You must first know yourself.

You must wrestle with some hard truths.

You must know what different options look like and what they involve before committing lots of time and money.

As you make decisions, some paths open but others close. Don’t close viable options before you really know what you love, what motivates you, and what you are capable of.

None of us are taught how to plan our education and career. We just follow a path that was laid out before us and muddle through!

The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder will help.

Most of us aren't taught

We want you to start preparing for your career by increasing your self-awareness and diving deeply into the wide variety of options available to you. 

Move forward with confidence and clarity.

Don’t wait until you are experiencing the pain of underemployment or hating your job, or feeling frustrated with your options to make a well thought through plan for your life and career.


About Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Adkins Ernst and I’m a nutritionist, educator and author. I’m so excited to introduce you to my new online course. 

The course is based on my successful book Untangling the Nutrition Web in Career Development. I was inspired to write the book shortly after finishing my master’s degree in nutrition education when I heard a panel discussion of seasoned nutrition professionals talk about their careers. The breadth and depth of their careers was amazing and I was inspired to develop a conceptual tool that would help people visualize how many options are available beyond the traditional roles. That grew into a full-fledged personal and career development tool used for 23 years by thousands of individuals.

In addition to the book business, I have worked as a nutrition educator in mostly low-income settings with adults and children in homes, prisons, community centers, schools and universities. I broadened my skills along the way in fundraising, website development, technology, research and public speaking. Recently, I earned another master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.

About Caroline

My name is Caroline Manuele Adkins and I am a licensed Psychologist and Professor Emeritus from Hunter College, City University of New York where I was Director of Graduate Programs in Counseling. My research and publications focuses on the areas of career development, assessment and counseling.

I am a co-author through three editions of the Adkins Life Skills Career Development Program, a series for disadvantaged adults. I continue to provide career counseling services and conduct career development training programs.

I have been a consultant on the Untangling the Nutrition Web in Career Development book since its inception and am co-author of the Nutrition Careers Pathfinder.

Discover what a Career in Nutrition & Dietetics Could Look Like Using The ….


The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder is a 6-module, step-by-step guide created  to help you discover and create your dream career.

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Whether you’re a Nutrition or Dietetic student, or past college and seeking a more fulfilling career path, consider this the ONLY resource you need to think about your options and make intentional decisions.

Course Outline

Nutrition Careers Photos

The Nutrition Path

Take a top down look at the history and the future of the field of nutrition and dietetics, the fundamentals of career development and some advice from nutrition professionals.



Understand what it is that makes you more compatible with some careers than others. Many people struggle to find the right career path because they make decisions without digging deeply into their own interests and personalities and are influenced by people around them.

Engage in a deep reflection of yourself with inventory tools and reflections to examine and reflect on skills, strengths, interests, values and experiences. Be ready to apply this knowledge later in the course.



Look at 13 occupational areas to explore the countless career pathways possible. Most people are unaware of the variety of options that exist if you are interested in a career involving food, nutrition, health, agriculture, and so on. Don’t end up settling on what is most familiar, or what is most common! We will show you the wide spectrum of career options.

Use the worksheets to narrow the options by reading and selecting keywords, job responsibilities and potential employers that resonate with you. Reflect on how to combine your interests with your skills, personality, values, and ambition.



Survey the educational landscape and credentialing options for a match with occupational interests, life circumstances and personality. Review the requirements for different options.

You will be more confident about your educational direction and whether you need to pivot, invest in further education and training or stay the course.



Compare, sort and analyze the information collected about yourself, your options, and educational requirements in order to put the final pieces together into a thoughtful and realistic plan.


Essential Resources

Additional resources offer continuing research and exploration opportunities.  Definitions are provided to help you navigate the course content. Print cover sheets for the final Nutrition Careers Pathfinder career journal.

Once you have completed the Nutrition Careers Pathfinder, you will have a career direction that matches your personality, skills and interests.


Why buy now?

We want you to find fulfillment, so we have made this course as accessible as possible by offering it to you for the ridiculously low price of $147! 

This offer will not be available for long, so grab it before the price goes up!

You can decide to pass on this offer today and join other people who claim that a “nutrition degree is useless” or “I’ll never figure out what I want to do.”

Or,  you can join the program today and increase your chances of finding the right career path and finding fulfillment.

Nutrition Careers Pathfinder

The step-by-step framework created to help you discover your dream career!

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Here's what people have to say

The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder is a new course based on my very successful book "Untangling the Nutrition Web in Career Development." The following reviews are of the latest edition of the book.

I use Untangling the Nutrition Web in Career Development in my senior level professional development class for dietetics as one of several activities used to assist students in focusing their career goals. With each class I receive unsolicited comments indicating how much they enjoyed the process of working through the book and how valuable it is for identifying career options they were previously unaware of.

Dr. Jamie Erskine, Dietetics Professor and Program Coordinator, University of Northern Colorado

This book describes a variety of organization categories in which nutritionists might work, such as non-profit organizations, public health agencies, industry, science and research, or self-employment…It also helps readers judge how good they are at different skills, through a skills inventory, and whether they would be interested in pursuing further training in these skill areas.

Dr. Isobel Contento, Professor, Teachers College Columbia University. Excerpt from the introduction to Untangling the Nutrition Web in Career Development

For curriculum developers, this handbook will be beneficial, especially given the trend towards problem-based learning and prior learning assessments.

Dr. Laurie A. Wadsworth, Professor, St. Francis Xavier University

The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder

The step-by-step framework created to help you discover your dream career!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who are in high school, college or graduate school, young professionals, and even mid-career professionals.

Are you a career changer wondering whether you could shift into nutrition? This course is for you too!

Professors and program directors will find this course invaluable to your students and an essential part of your curriculum.

Everyone needs to make an intentional career plan and keep updating it as you gain experience and understanding.

How soon can I access the course?

Once you have confirmed your purchase, you will receive a welcome email with your login information. Please give the server up to 15 minutes to process. Keep the login details safe, as you will need them for the duration of the course. Remember that you have access to the course for six months.

If I purchase the nutrition careers pathfinder, how long can I expect to wait before securing a job?

The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder was designed to help you prepare for your ideal job. How fast you secure a job depends on various factors outside of our control.

My job is to help you figure out what you are most interested in doing and what makes sense given your life so far.  Everyone needs a plan! You will have one when you finish the course.  Then hopefully you can feel more confident applying for jobs that make sense.

Will I need to spend more money on further education?

One of the goals of the pathfinder is to help you avoid costly mistakes by improving your ability to make good choices along the way. It is never too late to evaluate where you are in the process and shift according to new personal goals and expectations. Once you have a better sense of what you want to do with your working life, you will be able to evaluate the budget required for that plan.

Can’t I just find this information on Google?

No, you can’t. The course is based on a process of exploration and synthesis of information that makes you answer tough and detailed questions to get to the bottom of who you are and what makes sense for you. Of course this depends on how much effort you put into it.

By investing in the Nutrition Careers Pathfinder, you get the benefit of my expertise and that of a career development expert.  We have made this available to help you get grounded.

How is this different from your book “Untangling The Nutrition Web in Career Development”?

This course is the online version of the book that has been updated, enhanced and expanded. You can create a digital career journal, email it to yourself and your professors (if that applies to you) and use it to update your path. It includes resources and information based on the current employment conditions.

I have tried everything to find a job, how do I know you will show me something new?

This is exactly why we created this course. We understand that many people struggle to build a career in nutrition and dietetics, and it is not your fault. It is a complicated field involving different kinds of degree requirements and certifications.  

You simply needed a resource like the Nutrition Careers Pathfinder to help you understand, prioritize and organize your journey.  What we teach is unique and we aim to expose you to options and pathways that work for you, where you are in life.

I understand I will be filling out worksheets. Will my information be private?

Everything you write in the worksheets must be stored by the software for the duration of your access to the course for you to read and edit the information. Once your six month access ends, the personal information is automatically deleted from the system. (We will be unable to retrieve the information, so be sure to save your worksheets on your own device.)

I am a professor. How can I use this course to help my students?

This course is a perfect addition to any class or seminar on career development and was designed with you and your students in mind. The course modules can be assigned by weeks and the worksheets can be emailed to you in a PDF form for accountability and grading.

The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder is the best tool for showing students the wide array of career possibilities available to them. When they come into your office for advice, having done this course, they will know what they want and you will know how to advise them.

The internet is full of graduates complaining that their nutrition and dietetics degree is a waste of money and you will not find a job. 

We don’t want this to be your story.

Give yourself an advantage and sign up for the Nutrition Careers Pathfinder today.

The Nutrition Careers Pathfinder

The step-by-step framework created to help you discover your dream career!

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